Digital Tools Can Help Tame Excessive Employee Texting at Work

Posted on Sunday, June 5th, 2016 by

Mobistealth“How can I put an end to excessive texting in the workplace?” is a question that has long been floating in the minds of employers around the globe as they discover their employees excessively texting on their phones instead of focusing on the assigned tasks. This is clearly affecting the work performance big time. Dealing with excessive workplace texting seemed like a lost cause a while back, but fortunately, the advent of digital tools like Mobistealth have brought along a promising solution to the problem.

Bringing the Digital Big Brother Onboard

MobistealthTools dedicated to monitoring the digital activities of employees are readily available nowadays, which is certainly great news as they offer unprecedented convenience and empowerment to keep tabs on employees’ cell phone usage, including their text messages. You just need to install it on everyone’s smartphone at workplace, and then you will have eyes on every text message being sent and received on their device. You can then see which of your employees are excessively texting at workplace, including the time at which those messages were exchanged and the numbers to which they were sent or from which they were received. With this information at your disposal, you’re able to pin-point and reprimand guilty individuals. This helps to send out a loud and clear message that excessive texting in the workplace will not be tolerated, which in turn discourages this practice to a large extent.

Make Monitoring Apps Part of Company Policy

MobistealthHaving multiple policies in place to stop texting may not work because employees are likely to find multiple ways to bypass them. This is why you should make tools like employee monitoring apps a part of your company’s cell phone use policy. This way, employees will know you’re monitoring their mobile phone privileges and will most likely stay in line. Some of them will stay focused on work due to fear of being fired, while others will keep their focus on work in hopes of getting their commitment and hard work acknowledged and rewarded. So just by installing a monitoring solution on employees’ smartphones, you will not only get rid of the excessive texting problem, but also boost the productivity of your employees at the same time.

Keep Company’s Interest Above Everything Else

MobistealthNow you may think that these apps compromise privacy of employees, which it does, but you have to realize what’s at stake here and then do what’s in the best interest of the company. If you think that excessive texting at workplace is the reason behind company’s dwindling performance, then you must seek help from a monitoring solution. Too much texting at work is unacceptable, and if the solution for this problem is monitoring tools, then you should go for them without giving it a second thought. It may not seem like the best idea at the moment, but when you finally put it to test, you will realize that you made the right choice.


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