Fundly: Raise Money For Anything

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 by

fundly5Fundly is a fast, easy crowdfunding platform with no raise requirements.

Crowdfund Anything

Ever since Kickstarter revolutionized the way fundraising can take place online, numerous copycat sites have surfaced. fundly2Each crowdfunding site offers its own unique twist on the concept. Sites like Indiegogo let creatives keep their money even if they don’t reach their goal, and niche sites like Inkshares or YouCaring cater to a more specific market. Fundly is a more general crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, but it’s also one of the quickest and easiest to use. You can get set up with the site right away by linking your Facebook account, although logging in via email is an option as well.


Keep All Your Funds


One of the major advantages of Fundly is how the site helps you build your campaign page in order to maximize the potential for donations. You can embed photos and videos from sites like Vimeo and YouTube, or create interactive slideshows in order to sell your pitch. The site contains helpful fundraising guides in order to steer you in the right direction. Spreading your campaign and raising money is up to you, but (like the aforementioned Indiegogo) you get to keep everything that you raise. It’s also possible to get featured on the site’s home page, which contains multiple worthwhile causes. Thousands of dollars have already been raised for important projects and causes. Take a look around Fundly to see if there’s anything you’d like to support, or consider starting a campaign of your own. It really is easy.


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