FINN: How Much Is Your Spare Time Worth?

Posted on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 by

FINNHow much do you think all your spare time could be worth? Do you have a lot of it, or only a few hours to spare? FINN will let you know.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

FINNWe all have spare time. Some may think they don’t, but we all do in some form or another. But have you ever wondered how much your spare time could be worth? Take the quiz on FINN and find out. I’m probably not the only one who could be sitting on the couch wondering what to do with their time. FINN’s quiz asks a short series of questions regarding how much free time we think we have, how much we would pay for a cab ride home, reaction time, etc. These questions help determine how much money one hour of our time could be worth. The final answer comes with an explanation of the answer. The final answer is also cool to see due to the fact that FINN provides services if you need one. Users can create more spare time by having someone do a task for them if they don’t want to do it (gardening, house cleaning, etc.). Next time you’re enjoying your free time, ask FINN how much it could be worth.


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