POCIT: People Of Color In Tech

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People of Color in TechPOCIT is highlighting current achievements of ‘people of color’ in the technology and startup career fields.

Incredible Achievements

People of Color in TechPeople of Color in Tech launched in August 2015 and it’s highlighting the current achievements of ‘people of color’ working in the fields of technology and startups. The hopes of POCIT is inspire the next generation of those hoping to join these fields. Every week, there are new interviews of individuals ┬áin the industry across a wide variety of jobs and careers. The interviews highlight everyone from CEO’s to junior web developers who will be running the show one day. There are also articles featuring everything to do with the technology industry. People of Color in Tech also has a Facebook and Twitter page, so make sure to follow them for all of the newest updates and exciting news.

People of Color in Tech

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