Favery: It’s like Pinterest’s Older Sister

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

One of the first things I do in the morning right after I brush my teeth is turn on my computer and check out what has been added to Pinterest over night. I’m always looking to save my favorite styles, cute animal photos, cake pop recipes, and wedding ideas fun presents. But sometimes I need a little something extra where I can get votes and personalized recommendations from my friends…this is where Favery comes in.

Keep Your Favorite Ideas Organized

Whether you’re redecorating your home or need an idea for a holiday party, Favery has more ideas and inspiration than you can imagine. Similar to Pinterest, you can “Fave” a website or photo, and upload pictures and links that you have kept, awaiting a safe place to store them.

Planning a surprise party with a group of friends or even a trip? You can create a board that only your group has access to. Have a stunning board of your dream wedding but you’re only 22 and don’t want questions from friends? Make the board only for your eyes with the private option!

Inspiration and  Recommendations from Your Friends

Here at All My Faves we obviously love organizing our “Favorites” from the web and Favery knows just how to capture different inspiration ideas and get others opinions. If you’re looking for ideas on what your best friend’s 30th birthday should look like, but are unsure of what route to take, let your friends give their vote.

Favery is the new way to keep all of your favorite fashion, food, design, and so many other ideas organized with personalized advice. Whether it’s advice on my New Year’s Eve outfit or party appetizers, Favery will be my go to site.


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