Best Vendor- the Yelp for work apps

Posted on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by

BestVendor helps you find the best software and apps in the business world to help keep your productive and efficient work style.


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To sign into BestVendor, you have to sign up with Linkedin or Facebook and share three of you favorite work apps. In return, you’ll receive free access to the tools and profiles of other users which you can further filter by industry, social network, or company size. With BestVendor you’ll be able to get personalized app recommendations through the site as well as through peers, find the best-ranked products among people you trust, and get information from them to see how the product compares in the market.

 BestVendor gives recommendations for the best work apps around!

“We believe that the right product or hack can transform your work life — and that there’s no better way to find them than through your peers and contacts.” Furthermore, through reviews from society, “[they] like to think that [they are] reinventing the business directory through social recommendations.”

Bottom line: Share your current Apps and discover new ones!

BestVendor helps you find the best work apps to get things done. Try it, you might discover something efficient and productive that will change your daily work routine.




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