Bad Lip Reading – Hilarious Lip Readings of Politicians’ Interviews!

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by

Bad Lip Reading – Honestly there isn’t much for me to say here except, for goodness sake, if you’re interested at all in the current Republican candidate race, watch some of the videos on this oh so clever Tumblr blog!

The one below is Herman Cain. Watch it, see if you find it as amusing as we did in the All My Faves HQ, and then click here to get to videos of other famous political (or musical) personalities.

I personally recommend watching the soundbites of Ron Paul, Rick Perry & Mitt Romney for the politicos; and if you want to see Michael Buble taking an, erm, interesting new musical direction, there’s a great video on there for you too… I’m confident you’ll like this 🙂

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