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Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by

Find video that interests you, and you alone!

Frequency – There’s just so much interesting video content floating around the internet on any given moment, on any given day. And that means it’s really easy to miss a heck of a lot of good stuff! Stuff that gets posted on Facebook or Twitter by your friends or people you follow; stuff that gets posted on news websites (of which there are far too many to browse through in one go…); or just random, funny videos that get posted by random, funny people on Youtube.

And that’s where Frequency comes to the rescue.

The “Google Reader of Video”?

It’s basically the Google Reader of Video, but a lot more accessible! Or in other words, a real-time, social platform that brings you video content from a variety of different channels that you’re interested in. After registering for free, click the ‘guide’ button at the top of the page, and from there select the types of video that will appear in your personal feed; picking either the genre (business, sports, politics etc.) or ‘following’ specific sources Twitter-style (anything from videos your friends share on Facebook, to BBC News, to Apple videos, to the White House official feed!). Literally there’s something there for everyone; a plethora of content waiting to be funnelled to your starting page. We at All My Faves see Frequency as a really useful, and not-too-complicated way of getting the best video for you.

A preview of my personalized Frequency Feed (slightly embarassed by the Disney video but oh well, I do love it!)

Click here to try Frequency out. I feel confident enough to guarantee that you’ll find a lot of video that you’ll think is absolutely fantastic, on any subject!

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