DitchTV: Discover Faster

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 by

DitchTVDitchTV is the simple and faster way to watch what you want, when you want.

Pass The Remote!

DitchTVThere are millions of videos on the Internet today, and sometimes it takes time and energy combing through them and finding what you want. DitchTV  is taking a long tedious process and making it very simple. So simple, anyone can use it. DitchTV lets you swipe through categories, channels and videos. The swiping process creates more of a ‘lean back’ viewing experience. DitchTV is host to thousands of videos across a wide range of categories. They change daily, it’s simple to use, and anyone is sure to find something they’re interested in watching.

Enjoy You’re Viewing Experience

DitchTVBecause DitchTV is on your computer and not your actual TV, surfing the channels is easier. Just use your keyboard or your mouse to surf through categories, channels and videos. There’s no more trying every remote you own, before remembering which one is actually for the television. Categories and channels are added every day, allowing their channel menu to change constantly. DitchTV works with “tastemakers” to help curate the best of the Internet. Users can request channels to be featured as well. There are 12 categories, and each category is filled to the brink with a variety of videos to watch, providing endless hours of entertainment. DitchTV is your best way to discover different videos pulled from the Internet.


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