Yume: Helios’ New Album

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 by

YumeYume is the newest album from Helios, and they way it’s being promoted is different than anything out there.

More Than Music

YumeYume is the Japanese word for “dream”. And the music featured on Yume is said to be a collection of dreamy and ambient music. Yume is from Helios, the moniker of composer Keith Kenniff (he also records solo piano under the name Goldmund). XLR8R says the new album, “features a warm bed of sounds highlighted by luminous guitar, elegant piano and crafted rhythms birthed from a multitude of electronic elements.” When you visit Yume, it’s an interactive experience with the music. There are groups of floating kite like objects that movie. They move sideways, and up and down with the help of your mouse. The music from the album is playing in the background and when you move the kites, the background color changes as well as the music. Yume is an interesting way to experience new music.


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