In Limbo: Journey Through Your Interconnected Memory

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 by

In LimboIn Limbo questions what becomes of our memories in a digital era.

What’s Your Earliest Memory?

In LimboIn Limbo is asking an important question, “What happens to our memories in the digital era?” Have you ever recalled a memory or tried to tell a story, but you were saying wasn’t actually what happened? You’re not crazy, memories can be deceiving. Sometimes we forget, distort or condense them depending on how much time as passed or what the event actually was (traumatic, happy, etc.). Since the digital era started (the creation of the World Wide Web), everything we do is documented. In today’s world, we post pictures and statuses documenting our every move. In Limbo is exploring how our memory recollection is changing because of the digital era.

In Limbo

Are You Sure That’s What Really Happened?

In LimboBefore we started posting all of our memories on the Internet, we just had to remember them. But because we post everything, are we really remembering what happened, or is someone doing it for us? We’ve built an extremely detailed archive of everything we do. In Limbo lets you explore the world of digital memory. All users have to do is connect their accounts linked to the memories (any social media site one has) and then run the experience. After different moments in the story, users can interact with the connected memories. In Limbo asks some interesting questions, “What becomes of our identities in a world without forgetting? Are we building the biggest cemetery in our history, or rather a new cathedral, the foundations of a new civilization?”. Connect your memories, what will you learn with In Limbo.

In Limbo

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