Dewars: Journey To The Home Of True Scotch

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 by

dewars4Take a journey to the Dewars distillery in this interactive website.

Take The Dewars Journey

dewars2Dewars has created an interactive website that lets you take a virtual tour of its distillery in Scotland. The journey begins from your own home — wherever in the world that may be. Dewars has you enter your home country and address, as well as the code on your bottle of Dewars (if applicable, otherwise you can still take the general tour). The site then shows the journey your bottle took to get to your home, working in reverse as it travels through the streets and back to Scotland. You can watch a hyperlapse video in various cities and on various roads, ultimately ending at the Dewars distillery.


A Virtual Distillery Tour

dewars3Once your journey reaches the Dewars distillery, you can take a virtual tour of the property. Visitors can check out the Cask Warehouse, the Maturation Corridor and The Still House. You can explore each room by dragging around the screen, clicking on various icons to learn more about the scotch-making process. There are even virtual guides in each room, prepared to tell you as much as you need to know about Dewars and scotch history. It’s fun to explore the distillery, and it almost feels as if you’re actually in Scotland and taking the official tour. There’s tons of fascinating information to be devoured. The site certainly made me want to go out and buy a bottle of Dewars.


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