Design By Humans – Dress Code of the Creative Community

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2010 by

designbyhumans Design By Humans – Cool T-shirts are everywhere; online, in stores, you name it. One can never be tired of this ever-changing apparel field, which has ceased being restricted to men. In fact, most T-shirt sellers these days have both genders listed in their websites, and rightly so. But how come we’re featuring a T-shirt e-commerce site here on the Weekly Faves and blog? One word: excellence.

Design By Humans is a creative community offering contest-based, custom designs of T-shirts, submitted by users everywhere and designed by artists all over the globe. With their main offices located in Irvine, CA, Design By Humans constitutes a top notch, not to mention extremely appealing online T-shirts store. Add the fabulous design and interface into the mix and you find yourself in apparel heaven. Below are some of my top pick designs.

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