YesButNoButYes – Perhaps the Greatest Pop Culture Blog

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2010 by

yesbutno YesButNoButYesFrom the YesButNoButYes twitter page I learned that it’s “the greatest pop culture blog on the planet. Or maybe not.” I like these kinds of definitions. My interpretation is this: they honestly believe they offer the best in pop culture, but that’s obviously open to interpretation. In order to make my own decision on the matter I first searched Wikipedia for the pop culture concept. With that little research under my belt, what’s my conclusion on the ‘greatness’ of YesButNoButYes? I’d say they aim to be the greatest but my acid test proved this to be merely an aspiration. What I can say with certainty however is that I enjoyed many of the posts of this blog, and to show my support I even joined their facebook fanpage. Two posts I especially enjoyed were A Tight Fit and Sarah Silverman Had a Dream, Too.

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