Breather: A Space To Work, Meet Or Relax

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 by

BreatherWhen using Breather, book peaceful and practical spaces whenever you need them.

Sometimes You Just Need Some Space

BreatherBreather is proving empty spaces for you to get done, whatever it is you need to get done. You can find beautiful and private spaces that can be reserved for any length of time. Whether it’s for a quick break from reality or for a whole day of productivity, there’s no limit. All you need to use Breather is your smartphone. On Breather, just reserve a space, and when you arrive at your selected space, unlock the door with a PIN code. Just browse spaces in your city, and find a great space for whatever your needs are.


Take A Break Every Now And Then

BreatherBreather is a great way to relax and be more productive during the day. Download the App (available iPhones and Androids) and browse your city for spaces. Currently the only cities participating are: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Ottawa and Montreal. Cities are being added, so hopefully yours will show up soon. Breather is somewhat similar to Airbnb, but the space is rented per hour, so renting for a vacation would rack up some hefty bills. Once a space is booked, you’ll receive a personalized PIN code for your reservation. As you use the space, and realize you need it for longer, users can always choose to extend their stay. There’s always space available to reserve, so don’t worry if you need something last minute. If you think your space would be great for Breather, you can apply and make a few extra dollars. Whatever you need a space for, Breather is the place to find it.



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