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dailyburn DailyBurn – Making use of the Web for losing weight and getting fit is becoming more and more obvious these days. There are numerous online training logs, customized fitness programs and fitness & health community networks for the like minded users. It just so happens that we have a Health & Fitness mini faves page, offering all the best diet, nutrition and fitness resources on the Web, so check it out if you’re interested.

This post however, focuses on a particular Web 2.0 training tracking/guide we feel is a shining star: DailyBurn. This new kid on the block is a comprehensive diet and fitness tracking site that has already caught the attention of major media entities such as Mashable, the New York Times, TechCrunch and others. In addition, DailyBurn’s user base of more than 300K registered trainees comes to show that this site is not only popular, but also effective. Its interface is a beautifully designed interactive platform where each user custom designs his or her training and diet program. Keeping track of your progress is easy and, to be honest, fun as well with DailyBurn’s intuitive and inviting step by step training logs.

Although the Pro plans offer many more perks and upgrades, the free subscription offers multiple training and visual tracking options to choose from. Needless to say, DailyBurn offers an iPhone app so you could keep track of your exercise on the go. Another really cool app you will find here is the FoodScanner app ($0.99) which allows you to scan product bar-codes with your iPhone cam to see the calorie amount prior to your purchase. DailyBurn, you guys rock!

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