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Posted on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 by

Welcome to the Weekly Games post, our weekly feed on the very best and newest games buzzing around the Web. Think of it as the perfect kickoff to your weekend; a sublime collection of excellent games, updated every Thursday.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did, and now the game experience is even better with our new individual game page design (once you click on a certain game, you’ll be redirected to the new format).

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escapethefreezer Escape #5: The Freezer – Afro Ninja returns with a fresh dish of escapery. And, as usual, it’s a mind-melting bowl of hurt! This time, you have to think fast. Hypothermia is setting in…


worldcupbreakout2010 World Cup Breakout 2010 – This year, 32 countries from around the world have come together to play in the illustrious World Cup 2010 tournament. So join in the fun, pick your country and beat the heck out of your opponents to win the ultimate prize.  So join in the fun, pick your country and beat the heck out of your opponents to win the ultimate prize.


destructotruck Destructo Truck – You have a big truck, a ramp, and a bunch of stuff waiting to be smashed. More destruction means more cash to upgrade your rig. What are you waiting for?

triggerman Triggerman – Stealth has never been so much fun. Infiltrate mafia establishments and complete objectives that lead you to solving a large crime scandal. Assassinate key figures while avoiding their guards or complete side objectives which reward you for dealing silent kills over gun shots.

ninjaornun2 Ninja or Nun 2 – Ninjas hiding out amongst the Nuns! Can you defeat these deadly dudes?  Find all ninjas.


helloworlds Hello Worlds! – Hello Worlds! is a puzzle platformer which will bend your minds! Experience what it truly means to be beside yourselves.

roboticemergence Robotic Emergence – Build up an army of robots as you expand your city for war in this post-Apocalyptic world

mushroommadness2 Mushroom Madness 2 – Protect your ’shrooms from the onslaught of hungry animals.Get rid of all annoying animals by Beat’em, shoot’em (and trap’em in the turret defense levels).

riftic Riftic – Each stage in Riftic is solved by filling in two picross-like grids at the same time, such that each grids’ conditions are filled

rocknlol Rock n LOL – In the inventive, mouse-driven skill game ‘Rock N LoL’ you move your box using grappling hook and attractor! Rock on the rope and collect paint drops to Laugh Out Loud.

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