Crazy Cast: Are You Up For The Challenge?

Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 by

Crazy CastBored of your same old games you’ve been playing, test your skills and play Crazy Cast!

Go Crazy!

Crazy CastIf you think you’re a master at word games and ready for a new one to test your skills against, Crazy Cast is the one to do it with. Crazy Cast give users the chance to challenge real opponents and not just the computer. Compete against others in head-to-head games, that are both fun and addicting. Right in the first 30 seconds, players will start to race against time to unscramble a set of letters and find the hidden words. Between you and your opponent, the first to find four words wins the round! There are over 30 characters to play against, and the cast is growing all the time. Earn extra points and time by inviting friends to play too. Test your vocabulary and see how truly competitive you are in Crazy Cast!

Crazy Cast

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