Bumpers: Record, Edit, & Listen to Podcasts

Posted on Saturday, November 12th, 2016 by

BumpersPodcasts are popular amongst so many and now there is finally an app that makes recording a whole lot easier, it’s Bumpers!

Talk, Edit, Share

BumpersPodcasts have become more popular in recent years. Everyone from celebrities to your next door neighbors are listening and creating. Anyone can create their own podcast, and with Bumpers it just got even easier. Bumpers lets podcast creators easily record, edit and share podcasts right from their phones. Users can record their own podcast easily in the app and in high quality with clear audio. Podcasts can be edited section by section, record new bits wherever it should go, import audio from elsewhere and more. Podcasts can be customized with music, sound effects and other cool ways to customize. ┬áIt takes one click to publish through Bumper and share anywhere. Besides creating original podcasts, subscribe to other creators through the app and discover other popular Bumpers across different categories. Bumpers is the easiest way to create, share and find podcasts that fit everybody’s interests.


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