Sock Club: American Made Socks, Delivered Once A Month

Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2016 by

Sock ClubYou never think you need socks until you realize that all of yours are missing! Never run out of socks again with Sock Club.

It’s A Perfect Pair

Sock ClubWhether you wait to do your laundry until the last minute or sock monster eats all your socks in the dryer, there never seems to be enough socks. Thanks to Sock Club, sending socks as gifts is cooler than ever and the recipient will never run out of socks again! The Sock Club subscriptions gives family and friends the opportunity to share socks with each other. Each month, a newly designed pair of socks is delivered to whoever you want. Customize your sock plan by choosing how long you want to send or receive socks. The Sock Club is also a great gift to send to someone. Socks can be wrapped, sent with personalized notes and letters. Each month a new sock design is released, so you’ll never get a boring pair. You’re definitely going to want to show these socks off to everyone. If you don’t want to commit to each month, shop the online store for a few cool pairs.¬†Socks don’t have to be boring, rock the coolest socks from Sock Club.

Sock Club

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