Code Doodles: Creative Code Sketches

Posted on Sunday, February 28th, 2016 by

Codedoodl.esCoding creates a lot of what we know in today’s world. But one of the greatest things about coding is that it can be anything we want, including art. highlights the art that coding can create.

Make It What You Want is a showcase of curated creative coding sketches. The purpose of this site is to exhibit the interactive, engaging web designs that only require a few moments of attention (no commitment). All there is to Codedoodl.ed is simple doodles that others have created with code. The site is always featuring a new design, so viewers will never feel like everything they see is the same stuff over and over. If you have a design, feel free to submit it too. is a great site to see more of the creative side of coding without getting stuck on the site for hours.

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