Burner: Free, Temporary, Disposable Phone Numbers

Posted on Sunday, February 28th, 2016 by

BurnerIf you’re ever looking for a way to keep your phone number more private but still looking for a way to stay connected with apps, Burner is here to help.

Phone Numbers From The Future

BurnerWe all seem to have smartphones these days, and it’s weird when we don’t see someone with one. But with smartphones, we seem more likely for information to be hacked since we can do everything on our phones. Burner is your “other” phone number that gives a privacy layer for your smartphone allowing users to be in control of their personal data. Burner gives users the opportunity to have additional numbers  for voice, SMS, and MMS. It’s fast, safe and private. Burner will give users as many numbers as they want for iPhones and Androids. Once the number is no longer needed, “burn” the number and get rid of it. Normally a burner phone is an old flip phone that has a set amount of minutes on it (or we think of it as something we see in movies to not be tracked) but Burner not only gives users unlimited numbers, texting and picture messaging, but Burner can also be connected to everyone’s favorite apps. Take back privacy control of your phone and turn to Burner.


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