Everalbum: Explore Your Life’s Memories

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2016 by

EveralbumSmart phones are the most used cameras today, but it’s unfortunate when they die, crash, etc. and our pictures aren’t saved anywhere else. Fortunately for us, Everalbum protects our memories.

Say Cheese!

EveralbumEveralbum is protecting all of our most memorable photos in one simple app. Across all of the devices we own, Everalbum automatically backs up photos and videos to be accessed any time. Once these photos are saved, delete them from your phones and tablets to make room for more. Everalbum offers free storage for high resolution photos from all devices and it’s easy to import those photos from Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once you’ve saved all your photos that take up so much room, simply delete them off you device to make more room. Everalbum is completely secure and private, so photos will stay private unless you decide to share them. There are also fun flipbooks that can be made and throwbacks that remind you of the good time. Everyone said that nothing could compete with Google Photos, but Everalbum is catching up and making a name for itself. Never lose your photos again, and always make room for more with Everalbum.


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