Code Combat: Learn To Code By Playing A Game

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 by

codecombat5Code Combat teaches you how to program through a fun, multiplayer game.

Your Quest Towards Programming Knowledge

codecombat3More and more innovative programming courses are popping up in schools around the world and sites around the web. Many of these courses — like Codeacademy or Treehouse — are helpful ways to acquire these new, important skills. CodeCombat offers an alternative way to learn how to program. Rather than offering instruction through guided lessons or video lectures, CodeCombat teaches you as you play through a game. The site claims that the best way to learn how to program is simply by writing a lot of code, having a good time doing it. The 80-level game is entirely free, and it’s designed for students aged 9 and up.


The Most Fun Way To Code

codecombat4CodeCombat lets you learn a variety of languages by playing the same game. You can learn Python, Javascript, CoffeeScript, Clojure, Lua or Io. The game is like an RPG, complex and well-made. You choose your character and add upgrades as he or she progresses throughout a journey, battling enemies along the way. There are simple goals and objectives at the start — like moving your character using commands like self.moveRight () to reach treasure — that grow increasingly complex as you advance throughout the game. You gain experience points, hear from a helpful narrator, and gain upgrades along the way. It truly does feel like you’re playing a game more than just learning code — but the skills you gain by the end will be invaluable. For anyone that wants a new, exciting way to learn programming, CodeCombat is the way to go.


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