Live Learn Evolve: A Community Of Conscious Content

Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 by

livelearnevolve5Live Learn Evolve is a blog that helps you better explore and experience life.

Watch, Read and Experiment

livelearnevolve3Live Learn Evolve is a media platform created by Owen Fisher and Samuel Austin, co-founders of design firm Humantico and leftover building materials marketplace Enviromate. Those two write the majority of the articles — which vary widely in topic but all center around the themes of self-improvement and living life to the fullest. The site’s content is separated into five sections. The “Read” section contains thought-provoking articles like “What Higher Consciousness Really Is,” as well as tips for meditation or curbing anxiety. The “Watch” section contains short videos as well as entire films and documentaries, complete with short summaries written by Austin or Fisher.


Expand Your Mind

liveleranevolve2The remaining sections of Live Learn Evolve include a category called “Experiment,” which mostly consists of advice as how to optimize your life experience. There are simple yet helpful list articles like “3 Tools To Help You Learn A Language For Free,” as well as a guide to getting started with floating and sensory deprivation tanks. The “Bookshelf” section of the site is similar to the “Watch” section, as it contains recommendations for great books that can help you think about interesting topics in new ways. Finally, there’s a quotes section featuring images with inspirational quotes taken from the site’s Instagram account. Because the site is only run by two people, it still doesn’t have tons of content like you might find on other blogs. But the content on Live Learn Evolve manages to be unique, thought-provoking, and well worth a read.


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