Clone Zone: Tweak The World’s Most Popular Websites

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 by

clonezone5Clone Zone lets you edit the content found on the world’s most popular sites.

Fool Your Friends

clonezone4Have you ever wanted a BBC article written entirely about your life? Have you ever wanted your image on the frontpage of the United Nations’ website? With Clone Zone, all of that (and much more!) is possible. The site lets you “clone” any URL, making an editable copy of a website. It recomends sites like The New York Times and NPR as prime examples, particularly because journalistic stories have a set format and are more believable upon a quick glance. It’s not hard to pull off the Clone Zone trick that way. People are easily fooled — there’s a reason so many have gotten caught citing Onion articles as a legitimate source.


Edit Any URL

clonezone2Clone Zone makes it even easier to fool your friends. You can type any URL into the site’s text field, and it automatically makes a copy of the page that’s typically displayed. Clone Zone highlights editable sections in green, letting you swap out text and images where available. You can find images using the built-in Google search bar or upload your own. When you’re done with your page, you can save your own unique URL. It’s not always believable, but hopefully no one’s paying too much attention. You can then share the link and see whether or not you’re able to trick anyone else. It’s a funny site with a lot of potential for people to express their creative, mischievous sides.


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