#Charity: Volunteer Your Tech Skills

Posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 by

hashtagcharity5Hashtagcharity connects volunteer IT professionals with nonprofits that need help with a relevant project.

Change the World with Your Tech Skills

hashtagcharity3Hashtagcharity has created a platform that makes it easier for IT professionals to find volunteer opportunities that they’re passionate about. It also provides a platform for nonprofit organizations to get the technical help that they need without any of the associated costs. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement, giving IT workers experience for their resume while contributing to a good cause and allowing to focus on what’s really important.



hashtagcharity2Hashtagcharity requires users to sign up via LinkedIn. It uses that profile information to match users with the organizations that best fit their interests and skill sets. It also provides quality control to ensure that all of the IT work will ultimately benefit a good cause. The site also has a smooth process for organizations to apply for help with their IT needs, submitting a project request with feedback and support from #Charity. Technology can have a profound impact on any nonprofit or charity, but it can be difficult for those organizations to pay for the services they need. Hashtag charity is working to change that problem, and hopefully help make the world a better place along the way.


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