FishingBooker: Book Fishing Charters Worldwide

Posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 by

fishingbookerrFishingBooker is a platform to search, compare & book fishing charters worldwide.

Go Fishing Anywhere

FishingBooker is an easy way to find and book fishing trips around the world. fishingbooker2The site has a search tool that lets you enter the destination of your next fishing trip, as well as the date and the number of people in your party. The search can be as specific as a particular city or as general as a country name — try typing in something like “Croatia.” There are enough charters listed on the site that you’ll usually get at least a handful of intriguing results. The site also lets you filter by price, fishing technique and equipment. Most of the charters include a boat and a crew as well as everything you need for a day of fishing.


List Your Boat and Charterfishingbookerreplacementimage

There are currently 970 captains from 60 countries publicizing their services through FishingBooker. The site is only growing, so it’s worthwhile for any business owners to list their boats or charter services in case they can reel in a couple extra customers (pun intended). On the customer side, FishingBooker is probably most useful for regular or experienced fishers. There are also, of course, trips that can be used by less experienced fishers or beginners. All of the booking can be completed directly through the site with no additional fees, so it’s one of the easiest ways to book an excursion in locations around the world.


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