Carousell: Online Shopping Made Easy

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Carousell-logo-portraitCarousell is an online shopping site where you take a picture of an item you want to sell, upload it to their site, and buy from others.

Take a Photo, Upload it, then List it

Established in 2012, this Southeast Asia-based company is one of the largest and fastest “mobile person-to-person marketplaces”. Carousell┬ámakes selling and buying clothes as easy as just snapping a photo. Each user creates a profile that they can then upload photos of items they want to sell on their personal page. Once everything is up, others will view the products, like them, and┬ápotentially buy them! Everything is up to the seller and buyer. There are no fees when registering to this site and when buying items. Payment and shipping methods can be discussed between the seller and buyer to make it easier on both ends. If the item value is higher than normal, some like to schedule a meet-up in a public place instead of shipping so that the buyer and seller can meet in person.


Snap to Sell, Chat to Buy

The Carousell app has made this company even bigger by making it a lot easier to sell items. All you have to do is take a picture of the product on your mobile device, upload it right from there, and shop away! If you find an item you like but aren’t sure the seller is legitimate, there’s an option to chat with the seller through the app. You can even negotiate prices if you feel the need to. From there, you can discuss how you will pay and what to do about shipping.

Sunday-Times_Pg36_190812_thFrom kitchen appliances to clothes to textbooks, Carousell allows you to sell anything you need to on their site. The countries that this company accommodates are the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

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