Jet: Savings On Anything You Buy

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 by

jet-comJet is a website where you can online shop for anything and save money on everything.

See the Savings Grow as you Shop

Do you like to shop online and look for the best deals in the process? On Jet, you can buy any product or necessity you need with savings on each item. They have a price tool where they compare prices to other companies prices and give you the best deal. In addition to that price, they will give you more savings. There is a free 3-month trial to become a member and gain experience in using Jet. They also have the feature Jet Anywhere. You can shop on any site through by selecting one of the brands they offer and receive JetCash, which you can use on for savings instantly. Some of the brands include Nike, Apple, Vineyard Vines, and J Brand.


Smart Items

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 1.43.16 PMOnce you have become a member on Jet, you can commence shopping and saving. Something to keep an eye out for when shopping on Jet are the green stars on specific items. This shows that the item is a “Smart Item”. Whenever you add a smart item to your cart, the savings become more and more. The bigger the cart, the bigger the savings. The “Smart Items” cost less when you buy them together. There is free shipping with orders $35+ and free returns.

Marc Lore, founder and CEO of spoke with CNN on the company’s recent launch, potential competitors, and how works. Check out the interview here.


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