Drops: Learn a Language for 5 Minutes a Day

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 by

B-kwsngWkAAD4DvDrops is an application that only lets you learn a new language for 5 minutes each day.

Quick, You Only Have 5 Minutes

Trying to learn French, Italian, German, Spanish, or English? This is the application for you. It takes time and practice to learn a new language. Drops allows you to choose any of these languages but the catch is this; you can only use the application to learn for 5 minutes per day. The entertaining app has several “games” that show the user images they then have to guess the word in the language they are learning. This is a great way to motivate the user to learn words quickly because of the time limitation.


More Engagement, Stronger Memory

screen322x572Drops handpicked 460 words that they think would be useful when learning these languages. They are words that will allow you to understand 60% of a daily conversation with someone of the native language. They note the visual representation as helpful when learning these words because it will make it easier to remember the words by seeing them along with their pictures. Once you have downloaded the free app, it gives you the option to pay for more time if needed. It’s only five minutes a day to learn an entire language in a short amount of time on this free app. Why not try it out?


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