CareGuide: Find The Perfect Caregiver

Posted on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 by

careguide2CareGuide is a family of online services with the simple mission of pairing families and individuals with great care providers.

A Family of Caregiving Sites

careguide3CareGuide is a collection of services that are all accessible from the same online destination. Although each service offers something different, the main goal is the same: connecting people with the best possible caregivers. If you’re looking for a babysitter, nanny, elder care provider, pet sitter, dog walker, housekeeper or house sitter, you can most likely find what you need on CareGuide. These services are split across their own domains, but they’re all part of the CareGuide umbrella. If you want to hire a housekeeper, for instance, you could go to If you want a pet sitter, you could go to


Post A Job Or Profile

careguide4Although the different services are hosted on different domains, the look and feel of those sites are nearly identical. All of them are accompanied by the CareGuide name. All of CareGuide’s sites offer users two options — posting a profile or posting a job. If you’re looking for a caregiver, you can give a description of your needs as well as your contact information. It’s a lot like making a craigslist or classified ad, but you know that your service will only be marketed to qualified professionals. If you’re one of those professionals looking for a job, you can post a listing in a similar format. There are caregivers of all types with profiles on CareGuide, complete with reviews, locations and other important information. If you need to hire someone for your care-taking needs, CareGuide probably hosts a useful, relevant site.


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