Bubble Dancers: An Interactive Documentary

Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 by

bubbledancers5Bubble Dancers is an interactive documentary about dishwashers.

A Peek Into Restaurant Kitchens

bubbledancers3Bubble Dancers is a new interactive documentary hosted by the National Film Board of Canada. The film is dedicated to the men and women working one of the dirtiest, most unappreciated jobs in the restaurant business: dishwasher. “Bubble Dancer,” as the film explains, is restaurant slang for the dishwasher position. The film features interviews and profiles of several different individuals, each with unique identities and personalities. There’s Ashley, “the Realist,” Matthew Malone, “the Collector,” Pete Lofstedt, “the Drifter,” as well as seven other characters. Each individual delves into their life both inside and outside the kitchen, giving a new face to one of the world’s nastiest jobs.


A Look At Lives Outside The Kitchen

bubbledancers2In addition to the straightforward, documentary style of the film, Bubble Dancers‘ site also contains a great deal of extra information. You can view photos from each individual’s life, as well as a short biography. All of the people profiled in Bubble Dancers also live in St. John’s, Newfoundland, so the site serves as an interesting look into life in that city. There’s a simplicity to the project — most of the clips are short, and the subject matter basically consists of learning about these people’s lives. Still, it’s an engaging, interactive work that’s worth checking out. The National Film Board of Canada sponsors some great interactive documentary work, and Bubble Dancers is yet another example.


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