Brigade: The First Network for Voters

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 by

BrigadeArguments can tend to occur when opposite political sides start discussing politics, and it feels good when we find others with similar view points and agree on something. Brigade helps bring like minded voters together.

Build A Connection

BrigadeElection season is not only stressful for the candidates, but for the voters as well. The fate of a country is the hands of many, and we all want our own candidates to win. Brigade helps users connect with the communities you vote with. It’s easy to find nearby voters who are passionate about the same national and local issues that you are. Influence policies and elections together. Have debates and discussions about what matters to you and share your views and influence others. When you join forces with others, you can user your power to keep politicians in office, and/or keep some accountable. By downloading the Brigade app, you can connect with other like minded voters and really influence change in your community and at a national level.


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