Party Pooper: Shut the Party Down

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 by

Party PooperHow fast can you help a friend clear his unwanted house party in Party Pooper?

Peace Out Party People

Party PooperHouse parties can be fun, but what host can enjoy it if they don’t actually want to have a party? Your friend has a bunch of friends over, but he never actually wanted a party. Just a quiet night in. In Party Pooper, be the party pooper you know you can be and help clear all the guest out of the house. It’s more than just asking everyone to leave, because honestly who listens to that? Each guest is doing something different and it’s up to you to figure out to disrupt that activity and get the guest out. If their activity is taken away, they will have no reason to stay. There are different tools around the room that correspond to each activity. It’s your job to figure it out and the shortest amount of time. Be a good friend and help your friend have a quiet night in, in Party Pooper.

Party Pooper

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