Blogcritics – Filtered Microcosm of the Blogosphere

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2009 by

BlogCritics – can be categorized as an online magazine covering everything from music, books, film, TV, video, politics, culture, sports, gaming, science, and technology, to celebrity and the internet. We’ve heard that one before… But the Blogcritics twist lies in the fact that all of their articles are created and published by bloggers around the world. These guys feature and share their original reviews, news, and commentary on any of the above fields.

The result is a community of bloggers enriching readers with their knowledge. An interesting way to navigate and explore this site would be by taking advantage of their archive, and browsing through publishing dates – you can start with May 1, 2009. By using this method I stumbled upon an interesting movie review of the new Star Trek motion picture. The article was nothing less than intriguing, so I searched for (and found) the new Star Trek movie’s official trailer. Amazing….

Bloggers publish their stories at because of the immense value and benefits these entail. writers gain an exponentially higher level of exposure than they could have ever achieved through their home blog or website alone. Are you a writer? Would you like to reach a large and growing audience and join a community of fellow writers? If you answered yes, than Blogcritics – the original content unit of Technorati — may be for you.

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