Good Life – Good all the Way!

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2009 by

Goodlifer – Our western lifestyle is taking a heavy toll on our environment. Our ecological footprint has left the world and many of its bio communities and ecosystems in pretty bad shape. If we maintain this way of life without considering the affect it has on our planet, the consequences might be irreversible and detrimental to our current sought-after lifestyle, aka ‘The Good Life.’

Goodlifer acknowledges the fact that people are less than willing to change or compromise on their western lifestyle (would you?). Nevertheless, they do believe that first-hand, personal journalism and thoughtful exploration and discussion might help us consider daily choices, reconsider assumptions, pose questions and uncover opportunities. Articles such as Give Bees a Chance talk about the importance of bees to our world – some fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, almonds, avocados, cantaloupe, cucumber, and watermelon — are entirely dependent on bees for their reproduction. The number of bees around the world is declining, but there’s hope for us still; each one of us can help by creating a small garden for him or herself (and family) and ditch those chemical cocktails which don’t distinguish between beneficial insects and harmful ones. Let’s try and be good to the environment. Remember: “Love is shining, life is thriving in the good life

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