Nizmlab – Best of Videos!

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2009 by

Nizmlab – When it comes to videos, YouTube and Vimeo are my personal favorites. Having said that, it came as a sweet surprise to learn of a website that distills the best of these two – is it possible? Apparently so; Nizmlab is a high-quality video filtering machine, a video sharing site managed by video editors. They categorize and rank the newest and most interesting internet videos of the moment.

The idea for Nizmlab came about when trying to find videos to watch on another websites “Popular Video” listing page. While visiting the page they realized that approximately 5-10% of the videos listed were interesting or worth watching. So they strive to bring you only those top 10% of good video entertainment. Being avid video viewers they felt they needed to improve the method in which videos are presented, ranked and shared.

So how does it work? Nizlamb filters and features the best videos according to category, such as Entertaiment, Humor, Documentry and more. Choose your field of interest and tap into the best of video. I have embedded below three videos I especially enjoyed. If you liked their site, and want to follow their updates, you can follow them on twitter, I am already a follower myself.

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