Mount Improbable: Richard Dawkins’ Program About Evolution

Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2016 by

Mount ImprobableGo back in time and re-examine Richard Dawkins’ 1980s program about evolution with Mount Improbable.

Re-visit History

Mount ImprobableThirty years ago, biologist Richard Dawkins wrote a series of computer programs to simulate evolution. These were an important part of his work regarding evolution. Through Mount Improbable, we can learn about the history of Richard Dawkins’ project and the importance that it had, and the way it shaped science and the future. Learn about tools that were used, methods of study, and how the project was brought back to life in a sense. Each one of Dawkins’ books have a different cover and is unique and Mount Improbable lets learners create their own book covers. Even enter the cover to be featured as the actual cover of the book with your name on the back! Mount Improbable explores the history of evolution with a bit of interactive experiences.

Mount Improbable

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