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Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 by – is the internet arm of Medici Arts – an independent producer and distributor of audiovisual programs in the field of performing arts. Medici Arts has one ambition: to converge all available media (DVD, CD, Internet and television) to promote on the widest possible scale the talents of the musicians and film directors collaborating with them (provided by the site’s About section). It is quite obvious these guys know their way in the communication world: their internet division is by far the most exciting and promising one I have seen in a while. The site in terms of execution is outstanding and thorough, and by utilizing the internet platform Medici Arts can reach a commendably sized audience worldwide. So what does offer, you may ask yourself. provides VERY High Definition broadcasts of concerts from the most prestigious concert halls in the world. In addition, they offer portraits of great musicians, backstage interviews and LIVE performances of current promising and top musicians worldwide. All this for free? A large portion of their content is free and I can assure you that the free stuff is sufficient for the average music consumer, offering many hours of fascinating entertainment. However, if you are an above average, hardcore music enthusiast who likes music in high doses then a paid subscription is required. You can choose between unlimited streaming or downloading per movie subscription. Just one more thing: for those of you who prefer YouTube videos, has a designated YouTube channel. I have taken the liberty of listing a piece by Boris Berezovsky (video below) which I find refreshingly passionate. If by any chance you will be visiting London in the near future, you can see him live as he will be performing on March 15, 2009 at the Royal Festival Hall. Rock on!

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