Atavist: Infinite Ways To Tell Your Story

Posted on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 by

atavist5Atavist is a text and design publishing platform that doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Publish Any Story

atavist4Atavist is a publishing platform that makes it easier to create and share compelling, visually-appealing stories. The site is similar to services like Medium, as it allows users to create articles or stories using a combination of text, images and interactive materials. It’s also similar to sites like WordPress or SquareSpace, as it includes a useful tool set that gives users control over the look and feel of the site without requiring any coding knowledge or experience. If you know how to use a computer, you know how to create great content on Atavist. You’ve probably seen the format implemented in media sites throughout the web, such as this article from the Christian Science Monitor.


Read Their Magazine, Or Publish Your Own

atavist1Atavist has multiple features that make it a more effective publishing platform than simpler sites like Medium for brands or businesses. There are five payment plans — Creative, Pro, Team, Business, and Enterprise — each designed for people or companies with particular interests and intentions. Businesses can set up e-commerce platforms on Atavist, and bloggers can set up analytics reporting. There’s a huge list of features, making Atavist one of the strongest options for content publishing on the web. Atavist uses those tools itself in the creation of The Atavist MagazineThat portion of the site contains a collection of long-form non-fiction articles, published on a monthly basis. Browsing that magazine makes it easy to see how Atavist can be utilized in inventive ways to present great storytelling. The site’s free to try, so it’s worth spending some time and experimenting with the software.


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