All The Rooms: Every Room, Everywhere

Posted on Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 by

alltherooms5All The Rooms is a search engine for hotels, Airbnbs, and every type of room available in any city.

Stay In All Of The Rooms

alltherooms3Have you ever wanted to stay in all of the rooms? That would be impossible, but with All The Rooms at least you’re able to view every available option before choosing one. The platform claims to be the world’s “most complete room metasearch engine,” offering an unprecedented variety of options for your next stay. All The Rooms searches through sites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing along with popular hotel listings, giving you diversity of choice in planning your next vacation or out-of-town trip. It’s a useful tool, cleverly capitalizing on the popularity of atypical room-sharing or booking services like Airbnb. The site understands that people aren’t just looking at hotel rates when planning travel; they want to see all of the options.


Choose Your Preferred Type Of Room

alltherooms2All The Rooms operates similarly to popular hotel booking platforms. You enter a destination and the dates that you’ll need a place to stay, and the site returns a list of results. You can filter by type of room, choosing from options like “campervans,” “towers,” and “secret hotels” alongside “hotels,” “homes & apts,” “hostels” and “bed & breakfasts.” The “Secret hotels” option, by the way, typically consists of listings from Hotwire, and not actual secret apartments. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising to find something like that on All The Rooms, as the site truly does offer what seems to be all of the rooms available in a particular city. The platform ultimately links to other sites in order to complete the booking process, but it’s still a valuable search engine to compare all of the options that are out there for you when traveling somewhere new.


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