Tech Insider: Business Insider’s New Spinoff Site

Posted on Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 by

techinsider5Tech Insider is Business Insider’s first spinoff site.

Business Insider Expands

techinsider4Tech Insider is a newly-launched publication by the same group that created Business Insider. In just six years, Business Insider has grown to be one of the dominant online publications. Its coverage of business trends and news rivals that of sites like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, and it’s just as respected by other major media outlets. Business Insider always included a popular section called Silicon Valley Insider, and Tech Insider is like an extension of that section. It’s a news blog with a similar layout to its parent site, already populated with a great deal of informative articles.


All Things Tech

techinsider3The articles on Tech Insider cover all things related to technology — from new apps to ways to quickly cool down your beer bottles. Not everything is related to the tech industry per se, so even casual fans of tech can find something enjoyable to read about. The articles are categorized by subject — “Tech,” “Science,” “Innovation,” “Culture” and “Video.” But those categories are so closely related that it makes just as much sense to click the “All” or “Trending” tabs instead. Tech Insider is still a young and growing site, but it shows promise to become one of the web’s authoritative voices on the subject.


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