6rounds – Groundbreaking Shared Online Experiences

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 by

6rounds – 6rounds is spearheading the field of collaborated online activity by offering a unique, engaging and truly fun webcam communication platform. Thanks to their innovative concept and top notch execution, users can now dip into shared experiences online and go where no other users have gone before.

Today the average online user, apart from visiting his or her regular websites, most likely has an account in one of the major social networking communities, uses video streaming services such as YouTube and the like, and engages in online chat on a daily basis. You could hardly call these online behaviors new or surprising. But what if all these activities and others were to occur in the form of shared real-time experiences by two users – regardless of their physical location – using webcam communication and video conferencing? Imagine co-watching a video, co-listening to a cool new song with a friend, or co-shopping online with your mom or best pal.

How does it work? Once you complete the quick signup process, you will be redirected to your profile’s page where you can add friends, upload pictures and start exploring what 6rounds has to offer. After you’ve added a few friends (you can choose between inviting your own or meeting new ones online), you can start video conferencing, co-browsing, even co-playing some of their offered games, and share other activities online with another user.

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