FoodGawker – A Feast for your Eyes

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2009 by

FoodGawker – Millions of people blog all over the world, many on a daily basis, and the variety of blogs is virtually endless. One of the recent growing trends in the blogosphere is blogging about food and cooking – yummy! I assume people enjoy both writing and visiting food blogs because firstly, it concerns one of our basic interests and passions as humans, and secondly, because such blogs are often accompanied by mouth watering photos.

FoodGawker is a photo gallery of exquisite dishes, showcasing photos submitted by food bloggers all over. If you’re into food and think you can take magazine-quality photographs of your favorite cuisine creation, pay FoodGawker a visit. In addition, clicking on any of the site’s featured photos will redirect you to the original blog, where you can find the recipe for that savory looking dish. FoodGawker will help you discover new sites, dishes, recipes and ingredients that will surely inspire your own cooking. Below are pictures I found particularly appealing and yes, they made me dash to the fridge…

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