PopCorn TV: Find The TV References

Posted on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 by

PopCorn TV is an interactive quiz designed around television references.

Test Your TV Knowledge

PopCorn TV was created by PopCorn 66, a French digital design agency. They’re the same creators behind PopCorn Garage, a similar interactive quiz that we covered in 2015. Like PopCorn Garage, PopCorn TV displays a complex, detailed digital picture and asks users to identify the pop culture references within them by clicking and typing your guesses. The difference, perhaps quite obviously, is that PopCorn TV is focused on television shows rather than film. The site displays various items related to TV shows—signs, characters, or other items with hints relating back to the show. Again, there are 66 references hidden in the image in total.

Boost Your Score

The game is played by clicking the items and then typing in your guess at a television show. Each time you answer correctly, you’re awarded a “Bonus Quiz” about the television show you answered. That keeps things interesting, especially if you aren’t as familiar with a wide variety of shows but still want to make the most of PopCorn TV’s interactive quizzes. Each bonus quiz contains a question related to the show, and awards bonus points to your overall score if you answer correctly. Making a mistake, however, lowers your score. You can also zoom in and out of the image in order to answer questions based on observing more detail. For casual TV fans and obsessives alike, PopCorn TV is a wonderfully designed, endlessly fascinating quiz.

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