Wello: Connects you with an Online Personal Fitness Trainer!

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013 by

Wello is the most convenient, effective way to workout. Connect with the right trainer over LIVE, 2-way video at anytime from anywhere. Make a one on one session or create a group fitness class for you and your friends.

Brings the Gym to your Home!

A Wello workout is just like working out with a personal trainer in a gym or attending a group fitness class at a studio, but it’s over live video. You have the same interactive, personalized experience but from the comfort of your home, office, hotel room or wherever works for you. You connect with your trainer and other group members over the Wello video platform. All you need is a laptop, webcam, internet connection and a little space. You can take part in personal training, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, boot camp, Kettlebell workouts, Zumba, martial arts, and many more.

Pay as you Go!

Every year when we make our new years resolutions we decide that we must get fitter, thinner and healthier so we subscribe to a gym. Mostly it ends up with us going to it once or twice but still we pay for it every month of that year… Wello has a pay-as-you-go tiered pricing system so it can fit most budgets. You will get a discount if you will buy multiple workouts as part of a package or bundle, but first try it out and see if you are consistent. On this site you will find 2 workout options: 1-on-1 workouts are personal workouts with a trainer, while group workouts can accommodate 3-5 participants in different locations. Find the workout you are interested in, let Wello match your perfect trainer, and start working out!

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