EventWith: A Smart App that Effortlessly Plans your Events!

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013 by

EventWith is an app that helps plan events together. Split up tasks, vote on time and place, and have everyone participate all in one, easy place!

Split the Effort, Share the Fun!

Planning an event, as well as organizing a group activity, involves a lot of organization, decision-making, initiative, and follow-ups. This revolutionary app is the ultimate solution for event planners and helps the event leader plan get-togethers alongside the rest of the group. EventWith empowers the event host by encouraging guest active participation and allowing everyone to assist the host with completing tasks. You can choose together the time, the place & who brings what, all in one place.

No More Headaches!

EventWith is probably the ultimate destination for seamlessly planning a group event. It eliminates the back and fourth phone calls and emails by creating one central, easy to access location for everyone. The app saves lots of time and energy for the event organizer by automating the entire event planning process. You can share the events info and it’s tasks to whomever is taking part in it, check the completed tasks and stay on top of everything – effortlessly. Give it a try the next time you plan an event and see for yourselves: you can actually enjoy an event even if you are the planner!


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