ArchetypeMe: Consume Content that is Curated by your Archetype

Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013 by

ArchetypeMe helps you define your archetype and then offers content that is relevant to it. It offers a new way to consume your spare time readings and allows you to find out what makes your friend’s tick.

Which Archetypes Defines You?

Upon entering ArchetypeMe, you are required to take an eight questions quiz that determines what are your most dominant archetypes. An Archetype is defined as a specific pattern of behavior that describes your soul. Archetypes are often grouped into Archetypal families. The families this site chose in defining it’s users are Caring, Creative, Thinking, Physical, Visionary, Royal, Spiritual, Fashion, Advocate, and Rebel. The site’s team claims that knowing your archetypes gives you an intuitive language to help you understand yourself and others, because once you know your archetypes, every choice you make will be made through the prism of those archetypes.

Use Archetypes to define your friends!

ArchetypeMe provides you with a new social platform to connect you to yourself as well as to others. The main idea is that your feed is curated to your taste, to do so the site’s team takes you through a quiz that defines you, then your main feed will contain articles that are relevant to your archetypes. The social aspect of this site is of course it’s sharable nature but also the fact that you can see your friends archetypes and meet up with people who share yours. You can also influence the feeds by suggesting archetypes to articles you read through the the ‘Me’ button. ArchetypeMe offers a nice fresh concept of social media and content consuming, take their quiz and find out which Archetypes defines you.

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