Undroppable: Social Media Campaign Battles High School Drop Out Rates

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by

In the USA, high school dropout rates are pretty shocking: someone drops out of school every 26 seconds – that’s 7200 a day. This social media campaign – Undroppable – stands up for the brilliant kids who defy their circumstances and all the odds to stay in school.

For every high school dropout there’s an ‘Undroppable’

Undroppable is a new social media campaign you might start to notice within a few weeks. Produced by Jason Pollock and Anchorman 2 director and FunnyOrDie creator, Adam McKay, it’s a heavyweight project by guys who really get the Internet and the power it has to advance worthy causes (see the Kony 2012 campaign and its 75 million views in 1 week for example).

Its aim is to highlight disastrous high school dropout rates by showing off the kids who did everything to stay in school and graduate, no matter what situation life dumped them with. As you can see from the ‘undroppable’ Tevin Davis above, and the awesome Jade Roeder below, who battled homelessness in her bid to graduate high school!

McKay and co are currently using the footage they share on the website to produce a feature length documentary about the kids that graduate against the odds, because “most of the times you hear about a school on TV it’s because something bad happened in that community“.

Bottom Line:

To get involved in a cool, new social media campaign that highlights the real rock stars of America – the kids who defy the odds to graduate high school – get yourself onto Undroppable. As its creator Jason Pollock emphatically states, “Our schools are UNDROPPABLE, our students are UNDROPPABLE, and education is an issue that is UNDROPPABLE!”

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